Intuitive, efficient, and secure smart contracts

Marlowe offers developers a set of open source tools to easily create, verify, and deploy secure smart contracts on Cardano. Now more accessible than ever, code in JavaScript and Haskell, or use Blockly for a low-code, visual solution.


Why Marlowe?

Developed by Input Output Global, a leading blockchain research and development company and one of the creators of Cardano, Marlowe offers developers the intuitive solutions to create, use, and monetize secure smart contracts with ease.

Simplified development, straightforward execution

Marlowe’s comprehensive set of tools is designed to empower developers to easily design, validate, and deploy smart contracts regardless of their expertise in software development.

Marlowe will continue to evolve, with community-built tooling a key part of its future.

Want to contribute? Get in touch and tell us how.

  • Bring your smart contract ideas to life with the intuitive Marlowe Playground visual builder tool – then simulate and verify your contracts, so you have the utmost confidence in your contract’s behavior.
  • Use JavaScript (TypeScript) and Haskell to code or use Blockly for an accessible, visual low-code solution.
  • Get a head start by using Marlowe’s templates and starter kits and reduce your project’s time to market with pre-built solutions.
  • Keep on learning with a wealth of documentation and video tutorials.

Customizable smart contracts, ready for your project

Explore a range of on-chain example smart contracts available in the Marlowe starter kit repository.

  • Learn how smart contracts function under the hood with tutorials and setup instructions.
  • Reuse and customize example contracts – no need to build from scratch.
  • Example contracts have been checked for safety, saving you time and resources.
  • Browse a gallery and discover new use cases.
Explore example contracts
Example contracts

See Marlowe Playground in action

Discover how you can quickly and easily create smart contracts with the Marlowe Playground drag and drop visual builder.

Create contract

Gain insight on deployed contracts with MarloweScan


Browse smart contracts using MarloweScan to see how users are building on the Cardano blockchain.

Browse contracts

Take a deep dive into Marlowe

Discover everything you need to get to grips with Marlowe tools and resources, so you can start creating and deploying secure smart contracts with ease. Learn what Marlowe can do and upskill with video tutorials.

  • Secure contract
  • Set contract terms
  • Deploy it
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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Marlowe is available to run on mainnet today. You can do this by installing Marlowe Runtime and connecting it to the mainnet.

Marlowe is also available on pre-production and preview testing environments. You may want to test your Marlowe contracts on pre-production and preview networks before running them on mainnet.

Both the pre-production and preview networks are useful for prototyping and previewing.

The pre-production network is very close to mainnet in terms of its protocol parameters and versions. Use this network for staging and testing your contracts in a real-world environment before deploying to mainnet.

The preview network is more of a development environment. It can be used for early prototyping, experimenting and learning.

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