Create and execute smart contracts in minutes

Marlowe provides everything you need to build and deploy secure smart contracts on Cardano in just a few minutes. And with options to code in JavaScript, Haskell, Marlowe, or the drag‑and‑drop solution Blockly, it couldn’t be easier to use.

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How does Marlowe work?

Use Marlowe’s comprehensive set of open source tools to quickly and easily design, validate, and deploy smart contracts, regardless of your expertise in software development.

Create a contract in Playground

Playground is a visual tool for creating robust smart contracts, including an option to use drag-and-drop Blockly, which is ideal for anyone with little coding experience.

Choose to create with JavaScript (Typescript), Haskell, Blockly or Marlowe.
Select the different components you’d like to add to your contract.
Test, simulate, analyze, and verify your contract within Playground.

Execute a contract with Runner

Runner (Beta) enables you to easily deploy and execute a smart contract on Cardano, so you can get it up and running in no time, with minimal cost.

When your contract is ready, use Runner to deploy and execute it on Cardano.
Execute a contract with Runner

Integrate into a Dapp with TypeScript SDK and Runtime

TypeScript SDK (beta) allows easy integration of Marlowe contracts into application workflows through familiar React and TypeScript frameworks.

Runtime provides easy-to-use, higher-level APIs and complete backend services to enable contracts to be deployed and integrated into DApps and online platforms.

Choose Demeter for turnkey Runtime services (or apply for a grant) or host Runtime backend yourself to integrate your contract into a DApp.

Get all the support you need

Want help getting started? Use our customizable smart contract templates, watch our video tutorials, or explore our documentation.

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