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Marlowe launch party: celebrating the future of smart contracts

Olga Hryniuk

Olga Hryniuk

Senior Technical Writer

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In a move towards mainstream blockchain adoption, Input Output Global (IOG), deployed Marlowe on mainnet in May 2023. On July 5, 2023, IOG teams gathered in Lisbon, a prominent hub for blockchain in Europe, showcasing the commitment to advancing smart contract use cases and development goals.


Unlocking new possibilities for Cardano developers

Marlowe's arrival marks a significant milestone in the blockchain industry. Following a successful security audit by an external firm Tweag, Marlowe provides users with a safe, efficient, and accessible platform for developing smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). Unlike traditional development processes that require specialized programming skills, Marlowe simplifies the entire process, allowing builders to focus on workflow and business logic.

During the live launch event in Lisbon, the team presented Marlowe's key features and benefits:

Marlowe benefits

Reusable and customizable templates: Marlowe provides developers with pre-built templates that can be customized to suit their specific requirements, saving time and effort in the development process.

  • Built-in simulator: With Marlowe's built-in simulator, developers can test their contracts before deployment, ensuring they function as intended and minimizing the risk of errors.
  • Easy setup and example applications: Marlowe offers a user-friendly interface and comes with example contracts that serve as practical guides for developers, enabling them to get started quickly on their projects.
  • Powerful APIs: Marlowe APIs enhance the functionality and flexibility of smart contracts, enabling developers to build complex applications with ease.

Collaboration with TxPipe and Demeter Run

IOG also announced its collaboration with TxPipe to provide developers with seamless access to Marlowe Runtime through Demeter Run. Demeter Run, a cloud-based platform, eliminates the need for developers to set up and maintain their own infrastructure for leveraging Cardano's blockchain technology. This collaboration ensures that developers can make the most of the Cardano ecosystem without any hassle.

Santiago Carmuega TxPipe


Realizing the power of smart contracts on Cardano

Marlowe's set of tools includes support for JavaScript and Haskell, integration with the Blockly visual editor, and easy deployment options both on cloud services and local hosts. This variety of options for working with smart contracts empowers developers to seamlessly bring their ideas to life on Cardano.

Omer Husain, Head of Product for Marlowe, commented:

Launching Marlowe on mainnet took extensive work from our team and our partners, and I’m fascinated to see how the community will take it and run with it to bring their DApp ideas to life on Cardano. We have strived to make a platform that is as easy, efficient, and secure as possible, that opens the gates for developers with amazing ideas to more easily realize the potential of their innovation.

The team also presented a prototype DApp that provides an interface for deploying and running Marlowe smart contracts in a seamless way. This prototype is an example use case that shows the potential of the Marlowe suite of tools. And this is just the beginning of what developers can achieve with Marlowe.


IOG actively encourages developers to delve deeper into the possibilities and explore a multitude of ideas and use cases.



The Marlowe launch exemplified the importance of community involvement, as different individuals and organizations came together to actively participate and share their perspectives on Marlowe and its potential use cases.

Members from Fluid Tokens, NEWM, NMKR, CLAY NATION, Cosmex, VAULT3, LaPetite Ada, and more joined the conversation, providing valuable insights and ideas for Marlowe adoption. Their participation highlighted the collaborative nature of the community and the eagerness to explore new possibilities ahead.

Marlowe Community

LaPetiteADA and Anita

Pablo and Denitsa



Ben and Lena

Alex and Marlowe team

Marlowe Team

Additionally, Francesco Corvi's magic turned live-coded Haskell into music, bringing a unique perspective to the event.

Haskell code generated music

To add an extra touch of creativity and excitement, a creative coder and mixed media artist, Enrique AG created a game in which users could manipulate the club's music parameters with every Marlowe smart contract transaction on the Cardano testnet. On top of that, he played with the Marlowe logo by creating a visualization of transaction data in the form of a light sculpture.

Marlowe logo sculpture

Marlowe logo sculpture

The launch showed how crucial it is for the community to be engaged. The combination of technology and art perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the Marlowe community, where collaboration, exploration, and celebration intertwine to foster a supportive and dynamic ecosystem.

Enrique and Anthony


Get involved!

The Marlowe launch marked a major advance in simplifying smart contract development on Cardano.

Stay tuned! Make sure to join the Discord technical channel, follow Marlowe on Twitter, and see GitHub repositories. Finally, don’t forget about weekly development updates, where IOG teams share more about their weekly progress.

For more details, see the Marlowe website and documentation.

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