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Marlowe in 2023

Fernando Sanchez

Fernando Sanchez

Marketing and Communications Senior Technical Writer

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Marlowe hit some very significant milestones throughout 2023. Since its deployment to mainnet in May, the Marlowe suite expanded with new features, tools, and capabilities.

Let's take a look at Marlowe's evolution in 2023.



Marlowe is deployed on the Cardano mainnet. Marlowe offers developers a set of open source tools to help create, verify, and deploy secure smart contracts on Cardano.



During an official launch party in Lisbon, Portugal, the team presents Marlowe’s features and benefits, and individuals and organizations come together to share insights and ideas for Marlowe’s adoption. The event at Lisbon’s Poolside venue is attended by numerous community members and features collaborations with TxPipe and Demeter Run.



Marlowe masterclasses during the Cardano Summit. The IOG Marlowe delegation, formed by Robertino Martinez, Hernan Rajchert, and Tomasz Rybarczyk engage with a community very keen to listen and learn about Marlowe's features and capabilities during two masterclasses:

The Marlowe team releases Marlowe Runner (beta) on Cardano testnets. Runner allows deploying smart contracts directly from a web browser, eliminating the need for any backend or custom frontend setup.

The workshops focused on a variety of topics, ranging from the basics of defining what Marlowe is, its value proposition, and a high-level overview of key properties and the structure and execution of Marlowe smart contracts, to more advanced concepts, such as building your first contract with the Marlowe Playground, deploying and running a smart contract on the blockchain using Marlowe Runner. The Marlowe team also had a chance to show how a real-world DApp looks, feels, and works using DApp prototypes, and taught the audience how to translate an idea into a smart contract and quickly build a DApp using Marlowe Runtime and Marlowe TypeScript SDK.

Read more about the Runner in the latest blog post and watch the demo explaining how to use it in a few simple steps.



The Marlowe TypeScript SDK beta version (TS-SDK) is released. The SDK is a suite of TypeScript libraries for integrating smart contracts into web applications. Check out our YouTube playlist with the latest demos on how to get started with TS-SDK.

Speaking about Marlowe’s expansion and achievements in 2023…

TxPipe commented on its collaboration with IOG: ‘now is the perfect time for developers to start their journey with Marlowe and Demeter, and to explore the benefits this integration brings to the creation of smart contracts on Cardano.’

And speaking about the Demeter integration, TxPipe founder Santiago Carmuega said

The integration of Marlowe Runtime with Demeter marks an exciting development for the Cardano ecosystem. Simpler and more efficient development and deployment of smart contracts empowers developers to unlock the full potential of the Cardano blockchain. Looking ahead, this is certain to stimulate further growth and innovation in the world of decentralized applications.


A look at Marlowe in 2024

Marlowe has generated quite a bit of interest since its launch, and the community’s interest and desire to build using Marlowe remains high. On the basis of that positive reception, we plan to organize more virtual workshops and hackathons in the near future.

Throughout 2024, Marlowe will be expanded with more DApp prototypes, more content, more Marlowe use cases, more community engagements, partnerships, and much more.

Reach out to the Marlowe team’s Discord Server to join the conversation, discuss your use case, and ask any questions. Subscribe to all Marlowe channels and newsletters to stay up to date with everything that’s happening in Marlowe world!

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